Mobile Advertising and the Growth of US Mobile Users

Posted by | February 9th, 2009

Rhonda Vincent, Definition 6 Business Development Exec, came across an article on Media Post related to the long-term growth of US mobile users.  The article reported that, according to a study conducted by Parks Associates, more than 140 Million US consumers will be paying for mobile broadband services in 2013, up from 46 million in 2008.  Parks Associates predicts that the number of smart phones sold in five years will more than triple to 60 million as multimedia devices go mainstream.

Mobile advertising is still in its infancy however with these evolving trends, clients should be taking more and more interest in mobile for rich media advertising and social media marketing as additional revenue streams.  Read the full article at and visit our blog to see how Interactive Marketing Agency, Definition 6, leverages our experience and expertise in providing solutions such as mobile marketing and mobile marketing with SMS for our clients.

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