6 Things: Beyond the Play Button

Posted by | March 30th, 2010

  “6 Things” is a list of things I have recently come across that I find interesting, inspiring, adventurous, or just plain cool. I’ll be publishing these fairly regularly, so keep an eye out.

In this installment of “6 Things” I explore the use of video beyond passive viewing. Video is a powerful way to engage your viewers, and these examples take it to the next level by integrating video into the user experience and getting the viewer into a more active role either through interaction or a more immersive experience.

1: The European Wrangler site uses video as an integral part of the interface for its Bluebell collection. It shows the collection using a series of vignettes that allow the user to control the action.

2: These guys project video on buildings to create an immersive experience that goes beyond the screen. They create amazing visuals that are made to wrap the surfaces of buildings. The result is a cross between a drive-in movie and an acid trip.

3: For Phillips Cinema Display, they created a single moment in time that the viewer can explore. Check out the “behind the scenes” moments embedded in the time line. The whole experience draws the user in and engages you on a deeper level.

4: The things that happen outside the perceptible range of human sight are stunning, creepy, and amazing. Discovery explores this world on their show Time Warp. To give viewers the opportunity to really get up close and personal with the show, they a series of clips the user can run every which way to explore all the nuances of that action.


5: Here’s a simple but effective way to move YouTube from a passive to an active medium. Showtime used YouTube’s API to create a Dexter game. The created a series of videos challenging the user to find Dexter before time runs out. Do so, and you are sent to the next, more challenging level.


6: Interactive Projection Systems have been around for awhile, but the technology has eveloped to a level where you can do really interesting things. Brands are using these installations to attract attention and engage passers-by. Artists are using them to create interactive works that involve the viewer in the art. Museums are using them to bring fun to their exhibits.




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