What your Facebook Timeline Movie Says About You

Posted by | February 9th, 2012

As we rolled out the Timeline Movie Maker last week on Facebook, it's been interesting to see my movie, and friends' movies, as a one minute snapshot of our lives.  And since Timeline Movie Maker highlights the most engaged photos, videos and other content you have shared on Facebook, it gives you insight into your life – kind of like a mini therapy session that prompted me to go on a 40 day detox from drinking and partying!
Jeremy's Timeline Movie
But seriously, it's a fun way to look back at your Facebook life, and yes, you can edit it after the first time it renders to insert new images, change the music and well, showcase your life's best moments.

Take a look at mine and you can read more about this on my blog for iMediaConnection on what it means for marketers, and how they can use this as an example on leveraging the power of Facebook to create meaningful connections with consumers.