Branding Insight From A 5 Year Old

Posted by | February 14th, 2012

5 year old_branding
Building a brand from the ground up is never easy and a lot of thought goes into laying down the foundation for a new company.  What should your logo say about your brand? What is the first reaction going to be when a consumer sees your logo?  It's a critical piece in your effort to brand your product or service successfully. A lot of your marketing effort could revolve around your logo. It will live everywhere that your brand lives, billboards, business cards, pizza boxes, websites, kiosks, coffee mugs, letterheads. The design will impact the public's recognition of your brand and when an audience views the logo it will instantly send them a message.

Well, what happens when a 5 year old sees your logo? What is the first thing that comes to their mind? Adam Ladd, an independent graphic designer, shows his daughter some of today’s most recognizable logos and her reactions are priceless.  When you need genuine, unfiltered feedback, kids are usually the best resource. Watch the video below or see Adam's post on YouTube: