Definition 6 Expands Content Marketing with Acquisition of Synaptic Digital

Posted by | September 25th, 2012

We’re excited to announce Definition 6’s acquisition of Synaptic Digital. This video explains more about the deal and the evolving communications model.  You can read the full press release on our website.

Michael Kogon:

“It’s all about content.  Now, more than ever, brands need to find compelling ways to tell their story, to connect and engage with their audiences, and do it within the right context.

That’s why we’re excited to announce Definition 6’s acquisition of Synaptic Digital, an earned media and strategic content distributions company.

I’m Michael Kogon, CEO of unified marketing agency Definition 6, here with Nick Abramovich, CEO of Synaptic Digital, to let you know a little bit more about our newly combined companies and why this is unlike any offering you’ve seen before.

This will enhance Definition 6’s content marketing capabilities, nearly doubling the size of the agency, with global expansion in Europe and Asia.

Synaptic Digital excels in content marketing and has created an incredible platform to help brands and PR agencies gain exposure for their content. Combined with the digital marketing and brand storytelling capabilities we already have in place at Definition 6, our arsenal for content creation and distribution is even more robust.

Being a unified marketing agency, this acquisition aligns with our strategy for creating content for brands, in the right context, at the right time.

With consumers being able to access content from virtually anywhere, on any device, it’s increasingly more important for brands to tell their own stories in order to connect with their consumers.

The key is not only to create a brand message, but to place that content within the context of the audience.  That is where the magic happens.  

We help brands recognize the market opportunity, help them to create the right experiences for their consumer, strategically across the right channels, which leads to increased interactions and transactions.

This drives the conversation between consumers and helps spread the brand’s message – the heart of our unified marketing approach.

We’ve seen this model work for top brands like Coca-Cola, Mitsubishi Electric, La Quinta Inns & Suites, Facebook, HBO – where it’s not just about getting your message out, but it’s about establishing that personal relationship – emotional connection – with your consumers, at the right time.

By adding the distribution network, our agency’s clients will have more opportunities to distribute their message across traditional, digital and social media channels effectively.”

Nick Abramovich:

“We’re really looking forward to bringing together the strengths of our two companies.

Combining first class production and technology capabilities, marketing and PR disciplines improves our ability to create relevant content and distribute the content in the right context and ultimately to serve the marketplaces’ needs. 

For our brand clients, having the digital marketing and high-end post-production capabilities of Definition 6 in tow, we’ll be able to deliver impactful content packages like never before.

For our PR agency clients, we’ll be leveraging Definition 6’s social media and digital expertise to better serve our agency partners and expand upon our offering beyond broadcast PR services.

The communications model is evolving. Understanding the earned, paid and owned media mix is critical, and more and more success is dependent on companies having the ability to create amazing content and enable distribution.”

Michael Kogon:

“Brand storytelling is at the heart of what our companies do, which makes this acquisition beneficial for both. We can continue to create award-winning work for more brands, better, more efficiently and at a greater scale.

Content marketing is going to continue to be a growing factor in the coming years.  And we’re preparing an agency equipped to help our clients succeed with a unique offering.”