Planning your 2013 Marketing Budget

Posted by | December 20th, 2012

Editor's Note: It’s that time of year again…time for Definition 6 CTO Paul Hernacki’s annual “Make Fun of Marketing People” Cartoon.  As usual, prepare to laugh… because the only other option for this kind of truth is to cry.

Yes, in my role as CTO for a Unified Marketing Agency I spend most of my waking hours squarely at the crossroads of marketing and technology. And our own marketing department at Definition 6 has been bugging me for weeks to write a blog post about the top things people should be thinking about in 2013 related to innovative use of marketing technologies. But the crazy pace of work that is so common in the agency world right before the holidays as we rush to finish up so many big projects and campaigns for our clients left me with little time to actually sit down and write something meaningful. So instead, I created this video. It's cloud-based. And cloud-ready. And cloud-enabled. With mobile accessibility and social shareability. Enjoy. And good luck to everyone in 2013… even the Mayans.


Planning the 2013 Marketing Budget
by: phernacki