Channeling Integrated Media at SCAD’s #aTVfest

Posted by | February 15th, 2013

I recently had a chance to speak on a panel of expert media professionals at the Savannah College of Art and Design's (SCAD) "aTVfest" in Atlanta, Ga. (What a fantastic school!). The TV fest was comprised of 2 days of panels and speakers and focuses on three areas – design, creativity, and innovation in television and media production. 

I was given the opportunity to speak on the panel, "Channeling Integrated Media," which was really about the most effective ways to communicate a message through content. The group on stage was as diverse as you could imagine. It consisted of a news executive, a tech executive, an entertainment expert, a professor of media studies–and me, an Ad guy!

One interesting moment came when the discussion turned to Twitter's new "Vine" App for videos. I shot a Vine video of the panel and the audience in real time and then showed it on camera (The entire panel took place in the TV studio on campus and will be made available online shortly after the festival).

Throughout the panel, The students and faculty were very engaged in the discussion, and loved seeing our "True Blood" and "Downton Abbey" work. One professor told me it was "gratifying to hear working professionals substantiate through real world experience the things they are teaching their students."

Check out these photos from the event as well: