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The Daily 6: Use of Instagram Video Continues to Rise

The Daily 6 1) Instagram video continues to rise 11 of the best Instagram videos from July 2014 "One of the Galaxy S5's selling points is that it's water resistant. That means you can leave it on the side of the sink while you shave and slosh water all over ...

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The Daily 6: Making Content Creation Easier--and More Authentic

The Daily 6 1) Making content creation easier and more authentic for brands. Five technologies that are changing the way brands make content "Looking at consumer markets today yields a very different picture than the one seen only five years ago. For starters, the age demographic skews younger than ...

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The Daily 6: Like Taking Selfies? There's an App For That.

The Daily 6 1) Selfies - there's an app for that. New Selfies app by creators of wordpress "The company, best known for the free blogging service, is about to get into the ‘selfies’ game, but not with a picture (like Ellen Degeneres) but with a new mobile ...

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The Daily 6: Foursquare Makes Major Changes, Confuses Fans

The Daily 6 1) Foursquare is making some major changes to their app, but they confused fans with the whole 'Swarm' thing. Foursquare Upgrades App, Transitions Check-Ins to Swarm "The Verge reported on Foursquare's transition and shared some insight into options discussed early on for the logo change. Apparently ...

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The Daily 6: Target Is Making Shopping Easy as Pie

The Daily 6 1) Target smooths path to conversion, makes shopping easy to do everywhere. Target’s "In a Snap" App Makes Catalogs, Ads Shoppable "In an effort to drive further engagement, the new iOS app from the retail giant allows mobile shoppers to purchase products directly from select catalog ...

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Building A Rich Digital Experience With A CMS

To support the launch of Game of Thrones season four, HBO engaged Definition Read more

How social media can help fuel broadcast viewership. #def6coffeebreak

JP smallIn this segment of the Def 6 Coffee Break Series, our Expert in Residence Frank Radice continues the conversation with our Vice President of Social Media, Jeremy Porter, Read more