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The Daily 6: How is Your Halloween Marketing Strategy?

The Daily 6 1) How is Your Halloween Marketing Strategy? 3 Brands, 3 Social Media Strategies for Halloween "The Halloween holiday is a great time for marketers to get creative and ramp up their social media marketing efforts. Here are three brands with three different strategies. You can count ...

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The Daily 6: But Who are They to Define Normal?

The Daily 6 1) Gap takes a stab at defining what "dressing normal" means, which angers some folks. Did Gap do more harm than good with #dressnormal? "The campaign features a series of baffling black-and-white spots where the subjects are in the thick of action, accompanied by equally obscure ...

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The Daily 6: The New Foursquare Seeks to Make New Message Known

The Daily 6 1) The New Foursqaure Seeks to Make New Message Known  Foursquare rolls out first ad campaign "The six-week campaign will appear at bus stops, train stations and phone kiosks in Chicago and New York, and at bike share stations in Chicago. It is the company’s first ...

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The Daily 6: Artist Turns Starbucks Mermaid into Tons of Art

The Daily 6 1) Why drink from a boring ole' Starbucks cup?  Artist Draws on Starbucks Cups, Making the Mermaid the Heroine of Countless Amazing Scenes "Korean artist Soo Min Kim draws the most insanely detailed and perfectly clever scenes on Starbucks cups and displays them as works of ...

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The Daily 6: In Midst of Millennials, We Musn't Forget about Gen Z

The Daily 6 1) Millennials are Great, but what about Gen Z? This app is nailing mobile and social storytelling for Gen-Z "You may not know about ShowMobile, but hundreds of thousands of teen and pre-teen girls are turning to the mobile app for an entertainment fix. Eric Foster ...

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Building A Rich Digital Experience With A CMS

To support the launch of Game of Thrones season four, HBO engaged Definition Read more

How can brands leverage social media at trade shows? #def6coffeebreak

JP and Frank Attempt 3In this episode of the Def 6 Coffee Break, Frank Radice continues the conversation with our VP of Social Media, Jeremy Porter. Key Takeaways: -When securing interviews Read more