La Quinta: Mobile App

La Quinta Inns & Suites has been a Definition 6 client for several years. We developed a mobile website optimized for both iOS and Android™ devices which included the launch of a new booking paradigm, LQ-Instant Hold™. Definition 6 also handles all of the managed services including data migration, PCI security, integration with a central booking system, and interactive mapping capabilities.

The Shared Vision

La Quinta and Definition 6 carved out a simple, yet aggressive strategic vision for the mobile implementation:

– Drive conversion through mobile

– Communicate the brand

– Innovate to surprise and delight travelers

– Ensure it is easy to use

A Website that Looks Like an Application

The new La Quinta mobile website looks and performs a lot like you’d expect an application to perform. It uses gestures like swiping and scrolling, features a mobile-specific navigational paradigm with carousels, filters and and integrates with multiple back-end and third party services. In fact, La Quinta is the first hotel company offering integrated access to TripAdvisorÒ.

Drive Conversion through Mobile

The booking path is front and center: when you first access the site, it asks for permission to show you hotels near you with same day availability (most of La Quinta guests are road warriors who book on the day of travel). You can sort via a variety of parameters, scroll through a photo gallery, view what’s nearby via a Yelp® integration, and select and book a room.

Communicate the Brand

The mobile website’s focus on conversions does not come at the expense of a rich experience for loyal customers. La Quinta Returns members enjoy full access to their account history, profile, billing information and favorite hotels.

Innovate to Surprise and Delight

One of the most innovative features of La Quinta’s new mobile site is the ability for it to make educated guesses about what a user wants and gives it to them, before they ever ask. There is no home page!

La Quinta unveiled an entirely new booking paradigm with the release of the new mobile website, one I expect to be copied throughout the industry. LQ-Instant Hold™ is a four-hour hold placed on a room using ONLY the phone number of the mobile user. While it’s early, all indications are that this patent-pending feature will be a real breakthrough in driving conversion through the mobile channel.

Additional features like click-to-call, Yelp, Google Maps™ and TripAdvisor integration combine to form a completely turnkey mobile travel solution.