The TL;DR July 7th, 2017

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From influencer marketing to the latest shifts in the social media landscape, here’s your of-the-moment update on what you need to know.

Streaming Services Now More Common Than Cable

According to eMarketer, 67% of US internet users have access to a streaming service, while 61% have cable.  Millennials have access to streaming services at a higher rate (77%). 

What This Means & Why It Matters:

Wonder Woman’s Battle With Marketing

There’s been a lot of talk of WB not spending ad budget on Wonder Woman, including a Tumblr post that went viral accusing the company of purposefully not promoting it in the hopes that it would fail. Turns out WB spend more on it than Suicide Squad, it just wasn’t where people were expecting to find marketing. Read the full article here.

What This Means & Why It Matters:

YouTube’s New Content Guidelines

YouTube has come under fire from advertisers in recent months because ads were appearing on videos that didn’t support the clients’ values. Advertisers were upset at the lack of control, and tons of money was pulled from the platform. YouTube retaliated with new guidelines, which angered their content creators and was decried as censorship. They’ve updated the guidelines to find a happy medium. Read the full article here.

What This Means & Why This Matters:

Millennial vs. Gen Z Media Habits

A survey conducted in March by Fullscreen shows that Millennial and Gen Z (defined here as internet users aged 13-17) have slightly different viewing habits. See the breakdown & chart below. 

What This Means & Why It Matters