The TL;DR: Manufacturing Edition, September 8, 2017

September 8, 2017 2 minutes read
TL,DR Bite-sized industry updates

Taking a look at why content marketing matters for manufacturing companies and offering insights on how to do it well. 

A Quick Refresher on B2B Brand Strategy

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Deliver Content That Connects with Your Audience

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15 Important Manufacturing Marking Trends & Statistics

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  1. 85% of manufacturing marketers are currently using content marketing
  2. Only 1% of manufacturing marketers consider their organization’s content marketing level as sophisticated
  3. 33% of manufacturing marketers say their organizations have clarity on content marketing success
  4. 82% of manufacturing marketers attribute more content creation for an increase in success over last year.
  5. 67% of manufacturing marketers say that not dedicating enough time to content marketing has caused success to stagnate
  6. 31% of manufacturers have a documented content marketing strategy
  7. 71% of manufacturing marketers who have a content marketing strategy intend to operate it as an ongoing process, not just a campaign
  8. 76% of manufacturing marketers use analytics tools
  9. 58% of manufacturing marketers use website analysis to learn about their target audiences
  10. 78% of manufacturing content marketers use some type of inbound marketing
  11. 44% of manufacturing marketers think that social media will be the most critical tactic for content marketing success in 2017
  12. 92% of manufacturing marketers use email to distribute content
  13. 98% of manufacturing marketers use some form of paid content promotion
  14. 71% of manufacturing content marketers list lead generation as a top organizational goal
  15. 46% of manufacturing marketers use conversion rates as a metric for content marketing success