The TL;DR January 22, 2018

January 22, 2018 2 minutes read
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This week we’re talking about surviving Facebook’s big shift, Instagram updates, and marketing trends to look for in 2018.

6 Loopholes to Survive Facebook’s Algorithm Change

By now it’s well known that organic page reach will continue to fall as the platform prioritizes people-to-people conversations over brand messaging. These six strategies may help brands make up for some of the lost reach. You can read the full article here.

The TL;DR:

Instagram Adding New Tricks

Instagram continues to add more and more features to help their Stories offering compete with Snapchat. Read the details below and the full article here.

The TL;DR:

16 Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2018

January is a month full of marketing predictions, and these sixteen are likely to only grow as the year progresses. You can see the list below and read the full article here.

The TL;DR:

  1. Interactive Content
  2. Chatbots
  3. Mobile Video
  4. Marketing Automation
  5. Livestreaming
  6. Consumer Generated Marketing (UGC)
  7. Influencer & Micro-Influencer Marketing
  8. Short-Lived Content
  9. Mobile-First Strategy
  10. Virtual & Augmented Reality
  11. Native Advertising
  12. Purpose Driven Marketing
  13. Data Driven Marketing
  14. Dark Social
  15. Social Media “Buy” Buttons