The TL;DR August 27, 2018

August 27, 2018 3 minutes read

This week we’re discussing Facebook’s latest changes, Pew Research’s latest study on social media, and “Push” versus “Pull” marketing.

Facebook Update Roundup

Facebook continued it’s string of updates to help make the platform more focused on conversation as well as to help users feel safer using it. You can read the highlights below and you can learn about comment pinning here, ad targeting here, and the trustworthiness score here.


Study Finds the Parents & Teens Are Concerned About Social Media Usage

The latest Pew Research report into teen device usage produced some interesting insights on how teens versus parents view social media use. Read more below and check out the full article here.


Push/Pull Marketing:

As the debate for the most effective type of marketing continues, Mention Me has recently released interesting research on “Push” vs “Pull” marketing. Check out the infographic below and read the full article here.