The TL;DR December 17, 2019

December 17, 2019 4 minutes read
TL;DR Bite-sized industry updates

This week we’re covering marketing tactics for 2020, the benefits of ad retargeting, and 2020 design trends. You can also find last week’s edition here if you missed it. We’ll be taking a break for the holidays, so catch us back here in January 2020!

3 Things Marketers Need to Focus on in 2020

It’s crucial to remain agile in the ever-changing marketing industry. Stay ahead of the game with these three trends for the new year. Find more details on MarTech Today.


  1. Micro-campaigns:
    • What are they? Small pieces of a larger campaign that are released to customers earlier.
    • How to use them? Let’s say you’re planning a video campaign to promote your product, but you want to try a micro-campaign first. A bite-sized version of this campaign could be a YouTube video with your product in it.
    • Why you should use them? This learning-by-doing tactic is a low cost, low-risk way to test your campaign on the market.
  2. Data-driven, rapid feedback loops:
    • What are they? Using customer feedback to create a better output.
    • How to use them? There are a variety of forms. Sticking with our video example, feedback on a YouTube promotion can come from the number of views, comments, and like to dislike ratio. All of these factors help us learn what resonated with viewers.
    • Why you should use them? Looping feedback is effective and easy with micro-campaigns. If you wait until your campaign is perfect, feedback is meaningless because there’s nothing you can do with this information.
  3. Mass personalization:
    • What is it? Mass marketing is no longer. Customers prefer a message that will resonate with them.
    • How to do it? Utilize your micro-campaign platform to test your message with your audience.
    • Why you should use it? It gives you the opportunity to portray your brand’s identity while still making your marketing about your customers.

What Is Ad Retargeting and Why Should You Be Using It?

Let’s be honest – a lost conversion is upsetting and unwanted. Retargeting is a good way to engage with visitors and help decrease your losses. Read more about ad retargeting below and find more details on Social Media Today.


2020 Digital and Graphic Design Trends

What will digital and graphic design look like in 2020? Find out in the infographic below, found on Social Media Today.

Infographic on design trends of 2020.