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January 082 min read


Day 1 of CES 2019

After a 17 hour trip from London, I woke up in Las Vegas early Sunday morning after 3 hours of sleep (I do get excited when I’m In this town) and I went out on a little recce in a part of the city I haven’t seen in years.

Sunday is mostly set-up and finish-up day for the exhibitors. A get acclimated day for the media, and it is the day people in their hundreds of thousands come from all over the world, for the greatest tech show in Earth's CES 2019.

My work day started out at the Mandalay Bay, CES media center, where they gave me this interesting see-through empty goodie bag.

But the excitement begins later today at CES Unveiled, where exhibitors actually do unveil new tech before the show opens.

Here is what I’m on the lookout for this week (unless I see a squirrel, then who knows what hilarity will ensue?):

  • The impact of 5G
  • The many uses of AI/Voice technology
  • The use of Immersive Media in Marketing
  • Bendable mobile screens
  • New photo technology
  • Electric and driverless cars
  • Whatever is new on tv screens

Check out this video of CES Unveiled 2019! 

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