From Zero to 60 (Minutes) in One Year: DEFINITION 6 Jumps into the Super Bowl Advertising Game

I’ve been in the marketing space for most of my career, and everybody knows that Super Bowl commercials are the big time. Even non-marketers understand how much money brands and companies invest to get 30 seconds of airtime during one of the biggest television events of the year. The airtime costs millions, and then of course you must create and produce a high-quality spot that stands up next to all those other expensive commercials that will air throughout Super Bowl Sunday, and more specifically, during the big game. Companies hire agencies with proven track records most of the time – nobody wants their big investment to be a flop. If your agency hasn’t been playing on the Super Bowl stage for years, it is hard to break in.

DEFINITION 6 didn’t have any airtime during the 2018 Super Bowl. Though we had been heavily involved with one of the most popular game opens in history for the 2018 AFC Championship game, we weren’t in the consideration for the big game to take place just two weeks later. Two things have happened at our agency in the last year that changed all of that.

The first thing was that AFC Championship game opener starring John Malkovich. It was incredibly well received. CBS had produced it, yet many commentators on other networks talked about it, about how clever it was, how much they loved it. DEFINITION 6 has had a long relationship with CBS Sports, and we were lucky to be so heavily involved in that production by way of our talented Editor, Anthony Cortese, and our talented Sound Design/Mixer, Dan O’Sullivan. We won Emmys, Clios and even a Cannes Lion for that work, and it’s been an incredible year.

The second thing that happened is that our agency expanded our production team. We brought on Andrea Allen to lead that charge, and she has brought new opportunities to DEFINITION 6 from conception all the way to air – which was a big goal for the agency. We worked hard in 2018 to transform into an agency that leveraged all our talents to help tell stories for our clients – for TV, for social media, for radio – and ensuring an effective distribution, no matter the channel. We’ve had stellar talent inside our walls since the agency began, and now we can bring all that power to our clients in a lot of different ways.

How did we go from zero seconds up to 60+ minutes of Super Bowl airtime in one calendar year?

  1. “NFL100: Behind the Scenes” (Aired on Inside the NFL, Tuesday 1/29/19). DEFINITION 6’s John Gill edited this 4-minute feature showing the making of the highly lauded NFL100 spot for the Super Bowl. A promotion of the upcoming big Super Bowl spot that aired on Inside the NFL the Tuesday before the big game.
    • Editor: John Gill
  2. “Tony Goes to the Super Bowl” (Aired from 1-2pm ET on CBS, Sunday 2/3/19). Long-time CBS editor Jeff Shook worked out of our DEFINITION 6 New York City office for the entire month of January to cut the show, leaning on DEFINITION 6 to support editorial and producer needs. This project had a fast turnaround, and John Gill worked tirelessly the two weeks leading up to Super Bowl Sunday to cut segments and help deliver the entire show.
    • Editor: John Gill
    • Mix: Dan O’Sullivan
    • Assistant Editors: Ben Lapinig, Julianna Bigham
  1. “Joe Namath: Guaranteed” (Aired at approximately 4:40 pm ET on CBS’ Super Bowl Pre-Game Show, Sunday 2/3/19). This 6-minute feature served as a tribute to Joe Namath and his impact on the history of the Super Bowl, hosted by J.B. Smoove.  DEFINITION 6’s Anthony Cortese helped direct the feature in LA ten days before the Super Bowl and served as supervising editor and graphics director for the piece in conjunction with freelance editor Quenna Gregorio.
    • Edit Supervisor/Associate Producer: Anthony J. Cortese
    • Mix: Dan O’Sullivan 
    • Assistant Editors: Ben Lapinig, Julianna Bigham
  2. Super Bowl LIII Game Tease “A Peyton Manning Production” (Aired at 6:00 pm ET on CBS, Sunday 2/3/19). Featuring Peyton Manning and John Malkovich, this 4 ½ -minute open to the big game was a sequel to last year’s highly successful AFC Championship Tease “Teasing John Malkovich” mentioned previously. The shoots occurred in Denver, Colorado and Rome, Italy. Anthony Cortese acted as Assistant Director on the Denver shoot with Manning and edited the entire piece.
    • Editor/Associate Producer/Assistant Director: Anthony J. Cortese
    • Mix: Dan O’Sullivan 
    • Assistant Editors: Ben Lapinig, Julianna Bigham
  3. Dream Big Promo (:30 aired throughout gameday on CBS, and :20 aired at halftime, 2/3/19). Did you see the CBS Sports promo featuring Jim Nantz? Tons of the DEFINITION 6 team was involved in this spot, as Andrea Allen and Doug Dimon were brought in with the skeleton of an idea from CBS. They fleshed it out, pitched against several other agencies, and won the business to shoot, produce and edit this Super Bowl commercial from storyboarding to completion.
    • Producer: Andrea Allen
    • Graphics Supervisor/Producer: Doug Dimon
    • Post Supervisor: Ashley Parisi
    • Graphic Artist: Leon Baisden
    • Editors: Chris Reinhart, Anthony J. Cortese
    • Audio: Dan O’Sullivan  

If you add all that up, DEFINITION 6 contributed more than one hour of content on Super Bowl Sunday– an amazing jump from zero seconds of airtime in 2018. I’m so proud to work alongside these talented designers, editors, motion graphics artists, sound mixers, producers and all-around fun and smart people I get to call my colleagues at DEFINITION 6. Way to go, team!

Disclaimer: DEFINITION 6 is in no way affiliated with the NFL or the Super Bowl trademark.

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