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May 013 min read


It’s Social Media Week in New York City

And to celebrate, NASDAQ invited 50 sponsors and people from the industry to come down to the NASDAQ Market Site in Times Square and ring the opening bell.

This week I’m in town directing a project for DEFINITION 6, a major supporter of SMWNYC 2019, so I was available and proud to join fellow D6ers, Jana Amchin and Nikki Kunkle on this amazing journey.

It began with a meet-up in the Market Site lobby at 8:30 am and a few words from a NASDAQ staffer about what to expect over the next hour and a half. Then we were ushered into a street facing glass-fronted studio with a podium on a riser and huge video wall above it showing a camera output of that same empty stage.

First, we went up on that stage as a group for a photo, then as small teams (I went with my two D6 colleagues), and finally, we did singles. All of this, we later learned, was being put up on the 7-story NASDAQ Jumbotron on 42nd Street.

After that, we were called back up to the stage, posed for the cameras, and started an exciting (and loud) countdown to 9:30 am ET when the market opens.

Wait...what...we aren’t in the same room as the traders? Who knew?

Anyway, right on time, the SMWNYC guy-in-charge signaled the bell ring (though I don’t think he actually pressed a button), and we all broke into a great cheer, celebrating the opening of the day’s trading.

For a small moment, Social Media Week was on every major financial network as our image went out live on CNBC, Bloomberg, Fox Business News, and more. Talk about getting insane reach.

Honestly, it was a thrill, and very cool. Every time I come back to the Big Apple, something new and exciting seems to happen, and now I have this memory to add to the collection.

Oh, and lest I final photo outside.

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