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The TL;DR April 23, 2019

This week we’ll talk about Facebook’s potential new feed & Instagram’s new live video test, LinkedIn updates, and share advice on how to create a landing page that works.

Facebook’s Swipeable Feed & Instagram’s Communal Video

Facebook never stops innovating for their platforms, and this week is no exception. They’re testing a new feed type on Facebook and a new communal video option on Instagram. Read more about Facebook’s update here and Instagram’s here.


  • Facebook is considering a new, swipeable feed:
    • While not publicly available yet, Facebook is considering a feature where instead of scrolling vertically through their feed, users are presented with a post and can swipe to the side to see the next one.
    • This functionality would mirror how users scroll through Stories.
    • This could cause Facebook to merge Stories & feed into one stream — a logical move considering that Stories has not taken off at all the way Facebook would have hoped (less than 10% of Facebook’s user base regularly uses Stories).
    • This has not yet been released for public testing as Facebook is still conducting research.
    • Considering the disastrous response to Instagram’s widely panned and short-lived update a few months back, the platform is being understandably cautious.
  • Instagram is testing communal video:
    • Potentially as an extension of Facebook’s Watch Party, Instagram is now testing an option that would allow users to view in-platform content with a friend while also seeing their reaction on the in-app camera.
    • The option would start a split screen view where users could use filters and communicate with their friend while watching a video.
    • Currently, this only supports two viewers, but that may change upon successful launch.

LinkedIn Makes More Community Focused Updates

As LinkedIn continues its march towards being a must-have network, they’ve added more updates to increase community interaction. You can read about teammates here and the new reactions here.


  • LinkedIn adds a “teammates” option:
    • LinkedIn has rolled out a new option called “teammates” that allows users to prioritize updates from coworkers in their feed.
    • According to the platform, users are 60% more likely to interact with people they currently work with, so this addition makes sense.
    • When adding someone to the list, users can specify whether that person is a manager, colleague, or direct report.
    • There is currently a limit as to how many people you can add to this list, but it is not yet known the exact number of that limit.
    • Right now, users can only add people that actually work at the same company as them, but they are working on expanding the offering.
    • Limits are in place to help keep people from taking advantage of the algorithm.
  • LinkedIn rolls out its own versions of reactions:
    • LinkedIn had officially announced the rollout of a reactions feature on posts, similar to Facebook.
    • The options include a thumbs up, applause, a lightbulb, a person thinking, and a heart.
    • This enables users to provide more nuanced feedback on the fly.

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