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The TL;DR August 13, 2019

This week we’re covering how to drive traffic from Instagram without “swiping up”, Google updates, and common email marketing mistakes to avoid. If you missed last week’s issue, you can read it here.

4 Simple Ways To Drive Traffic From Instagram Without “Swiping Up”

Considering the high barrier for entry on the “swipe up” functionality of Instagram, it’s good to have some alternatives for driving traffic to your site from the world’s most popular social network. Check them out below and read more here.


  1. IGTV Posts With Links: Did you know that any link in your IGTV description is clickable? Make use of this feature in all IGTV posts. And if you’re not using IGTV, it might be time to look into it – especially considering how much Instagram is pushing it. It can drive link clicks AND get you ahead of the algorithm.
  2. Ask for a DM: Sometimes all you have to do is ask. If your content is compelling and people want to connect with your brand, you can easily ask them to DM you in your story for more info. Then you can use this connection to market to them more personally while also sharing links.
  3. Poll Stickers: While you can obviously engage with your audience via poll stickers, you can also DM anyone who has answered your poll directly from the poll analytics page. This could be a great tool if, for example, you had a poll comparing two products and sent links to the product each person voted for once they’ve shared their opinion.
  4. Join Chat Sticker: While helping you build a community, this tool can also give you an opportunity to share a link with a larger group of people. And since users opted-in, you already know they’re interested in what you have to share.

Google Adds Important Search Updates

To help further differentiate them business-wise, Google has added two new functionalities to search. Read about product comparison here and podcast results here.


  • Google makes it easier to shop via search:
    • In an effort to compete with Pinterest and other social networks, Google is trying to lure users into using them as a source for finding products again.
    • Now, when you select an image in search, a panel will show up on the side of the page featuring information like reviews, product descriptions, and more.
    • The image will hover on the side while you scroll, allowing you to easily compare other products until you find what you’re looking for.
    • While all of this info was previously available, it wasn’t as easy to find and compare.
    • This update makes reviews and product descriptions even more important.
  • Google adds links to individual podcast episodes when searching:
    • Now when you Google a certain topic, the platform will link specific episodes of various podcasts related to that topic at the top of your results.
    • Considering how popular podcasts have become, this comes as no surprise.
    • Podcast episodes are selected based on relevancy to the specific search query, which Google can surmise by analyzing the name and description of the episode. Google can also understand the audio content of the podcast episode to some extent.
    • This means that podcasts are going to become even more important to SEO, which could have far-reaching implications for brands and agencies.

6 Common Email Marketing Mistakes That Can Get You Marked As Spam

How do you keep your email marketing out of spam boxes and in the right place? You can start by avoiding these six mistakes. Infographic found on Social Media Today.

Infographic that lists Email Marketing mistakes.

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