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The TL;DR February 26, 2019

This week we’re talking about social media do’s and dont’s, what email unsubscribers can teach you, and what you need to know about voice search.

The Do’s and Dont’s of Social Media: 2019 Edition

No matter how long you’ve been doing social media, it’s important to refresh yourself on the best practices across the board. Find out the high level do’s and dont’s below and read the details here.


  • Do’s
    • Think through what you’ll be posting — and avoid hot-button issues if they don’t align with a public stance that your brand has.
    • Let personality shine through even more. Gone are the days of brands needing to seem neutral and detached.
    • Be real with your audience — they know there’s a person behind the brand, so don’t be afraid to share that with them. They’ll appreciate it.
    • Keep your expectations realistic; social media alone isn’t going to increase sales.
    • Write content that interests your readers and write it at a level they will understand. They are the reason you have a social presence, after all.
    • Personalization is a consumer expectation these days — do your best to meet it.
  • Dont’s
    • Don’t engage with haters, trolls, or general negative influences. They only want to fight.
    • Don’t try to be everywhere and do everything — just do what makes sense for your brand rather than diluting your message across too many platforms.
    • Don’t post without proofreading. Make sure you check for grammatical and factual errors and slip-ups before sharing content.
    • Don’t ignore follower questions, comments, and messages. That will only make them angry or cause them to disengage with your brand entirely.
    • Don’t use AI as a substitute for human interaction. People can tell and they expect to be able to have a relationship with your brand.
    • Don’t dwell too much on your competition. Keep an eye on them sure, but don’t obsess over it.

5 Positive Takeaways from Email Unsubscribers

No one likes to see their email list shrink, but there is still something to be gained with users decide to unsubscribe. Read the full article here.


  1. Bloated lists of disengaged users hurt your metrics: If your list is full of members who are never going to convert, it’s better that they leave. Otherwise, your overall performance will be dragged down and your numbers won’t be accurate. If only 1,000 users are engaged but their data is lost among 10,000 subscribers, you’re missing out on some valuable insights.
  2. Unsubscribers are indicative of list quality: The rate of email unsubscribes can help you understand how qualified the leads are that are signing up for your list. Check in on how people sign up for your email and make sure it’s not misleading or promising content that’s not actually relevant to subscribers.
  3. Unsubscribes give you insight into how well you’re doing with frequency, CTAs, and more: If you increase your rate of contact and see a sudden drop in subscribers, that’s a pretty good sign that you might be reaching out too much. See how your email list fluctuates with the changes you make to your strategy. There’s a lot to be learned from those patterns. The best way to get these learnings is to implement an organized A/B testing framework.
  4. Think of email subscribers like potential partners — maybe they aren’t into your brand yet: Not all breakups have to be permanent. When someone tries to unsubscribe, you could offer them the option instead to lower their frequency or change the type of content their receiving. You can also offer them a pause and let them pick right back up again later when they’re ready.
  5. Take this chance to find out why: Not everyone is going to answer you, but if you ask your unsubscribers in a quick and clever way why they’re leaving, you can glean some valuable insight from their decisions. Use this information to improve your email program.

A Crash Course in Voice Search

Voice search has been a topic of conversation for a while, but it can be difficult to find everything you need to know in one this. This infographic can help. Find out more on Social Media Today.

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