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The TL;DR January 7, 2020

In the first TL;DR of 2020, we’re covering 3 ways to build a better email program, notable lessons from 2019, and web design tips for better visual communication. If you missed last year’s edition, you can read it here.

3 Ways to Maximize Your Email Program Efforts

Email marketing isn’t dead, but the way we’re using it might be. Implement these 3 simple processes to create a more efficient email program and find more details on MarTech Today.


  1. Subscribe to your own emails. This allows you to experience it from the user’s perspective and may help you identify gaps in your email campaigns and journeys.
  2. Look for API solutions. API integrations can help automate your process and possibly eliminate the need for operating on multiple platforms. Most are relatively easy and free to set up.
  3. Hypothesize, test, and evaluate. Establish a hypothesis with measurable KPIs to test strategically. This will create learning opportunities and present a new perspective on your campaign efforts.

8 Notable Marketing Tips to Take Into 2020

In the ever-changing world of digital marketing, we often look ahead for the next best practices. It’s also beneficial to look back and learn from the past year. Here are some tips from 2019 worth hanging onto and you can read more on MarTech Today.


  1. Have an agile social media policy. Though policies are an important way to protect your brand, delays in communication can make your customers feel ignored and undervalued.
  2. Let consumers hit the pause button on email. Communicate this pause through a preference center. This allows the recipient to customize the cadence and frequency of conversations.
  3. Watch trends carefully to ensure brand safety. Don’t hop on the bandwagon too quickly. Viral trends or events can pose serious risks to brands if not monitored accurately.
  4. Take advantage of AI. Intelligent machines are considered software-with-a-service rather than software-as-a-service, creating more revenue streams and enhancing human opportunity.
  5. Only collect data you can use to deliver value. Creating a focus for your desired data can vastly improve ROI on marketing analytics.
  6. Account-based marketers should focus on engagement, not CPMs. The percentage of your target accounts that engage with your content is more valuable information than click-through-rates.
  7. Video can help local businesses. Though it costs more than other forms of online marketing, video content keeps your brand relevant and helps you maintain a competitive edge. Harder doesn’t mean impossible.
  8. CMOs need to lay the groundwork for new realities, now. Use big data to set a strategic direction that will benefit your customers rather than just focusing on the next big campaign.

10 Tips for Effective Visual Communication

With the start of the new year, take a look at your website to make sure you are communicating with your audience to the best of your ability. Check out these 10 tips and see more details on Social Media Today.

Infographic on web design and effective visual communication.

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