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The TL;DR July 30, 2019

This week we’ll talk about Facebook’s new data policies, optimizing your LinkedIn company page, and the history of social media. If you missed all of the great info in last week’s edition, you can find it here.

Facebook Announces New Data Protection Measures

On the heels of Facebook’s FTC and SEC settlement, the platform announced several new data protection measures. Read them below and find out more here.


  • As part of their agreement with the FTC and SEC, Facebook must pay a $5 billion fine for data privacy violations stemming from the Cambridge Analytica scandal. In addition to the fine, they must enact new protection measures.
  • Here are the new data protection measures, courtesy of the FTC website:
    • Facebook must exercise greater oversight over third-party apps, including terminating app developers that fail to certify that they are in compliance with Facebook’s platform policies or fail to justify their need for specific user data;
    • Facebook is prohibited from using telephone numbers obtained to enable a security feature (e.g., two-factor authentication) for advertising;
    • Facebook must provide clear and conspicuous notice of its use of facial recognition technology and obtain affirmative express user consent prior to any use that materially exceeds its prior disclosures to users;
    • Facebook must establish, implement, and maintain a comprehensive data security program;
    • Facebook must encrypt user passwords and regularly scan to detect whether any passwords are stored in plaintext; and
    • Facebook is prohibited from asking for email passwords to other services when consumers sign up for its services.
  • In addition to these requirements, Facebook has also agreed to additional oversight from the FTC and Justice Department. This should add more transparency to the platform and better detection methods.
  • While the internal impacts are massive, these changes at this time will likely not have much of an effect on how advertisers use Facebook’s data options.
  • The platform is also taking under a new review of its advertising systems, so they could uncover more issues that need resolution.

10 Tips to Optimize Your LinkedIn Company Page

LinkedIn is an important part of the funnel for B2B companies, and these ten tips can help you stand out. Read more here.

The TL;DR:

  1. Make sure your profile information is accurate: Page content is searchable on LinkedIn, both within the platform and on search engines. So add the correct company URL, address, and phone number using the available fields. This will overall help more people find you.
  2. Personalize your LinkedIn Page URL: You’d be much easier to find if your profile URL is “” instead of “”. It will be easier for repeat visitors to remember you, too.
  3. Fill out the “Specialties” section of your profile: This is a quick way to tell LinkedIn exactly what your company is good at so they can float your brand up in the appropriate search results. This helps you play their algorithm while also finding the right customers.
  4. Update your images: You can customize your images, and you should absolutely do that. Take the opportunity to show off your company’s logo and create a distinctive banner. You can even add a CTA to your banner if you want.
  5. Make every character count in your headline: Your headline appears immediately under your company’s name, so make good use of it. Grab attention with a quick line that demonstrates your company’s expertise and shows how you can help with a consumer problem.
  6. Optimize your page for people and search: You want your company to show up in Google search results, but your page also needs to hold the attention of a very human reader. Include relevant keywords, but write a compelling story.
  7. Appeal to specific segments with Showcase Pages: Showcase pages allow you to create separate pages, connected to your main page, that and focus on specific topics. Consider creating one for culture, learning resources, products, or employee spotlights. Test different options, and find out what works for you.
  8. Give your favorite groups a spotlight: If your company owns a LinkedIn group or if your employees participate in one, you can highlight these on a special section on your page. This will let visitors know where they can find you for deeper conversation.
  9. Join communities and engage as a company: You can now follow topic-based communities on the platform. Get involved in up to three communities and join the important conversations relevant to your brand.
  10. Keep an eye out for new features: LinkedIn has really picked up the pace on adding new features recently. Stay on top of these releases so that you can always be making the most of the platform.

The History of Social Media

It’s hard to believe that fifteen years ago we lived in a world without Facebook. What else has changed in the history of social media? Find out in the infographic below, found here.

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