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The TL;DR July 9, 2019

This week we’ll be covering Instagram’s new group chat, Facebook “Top Fans” targeting, and tips on writing headlines that draw in readers. If you missed last week’s issue, you can find it here.

Instagram Launches “Join Chat” Sticker to Stories

Instagram recently launched a new feature that could cause drastic changes to your Stories marketing. You can read the full article here and find out the key details below.


  • Recently, Instagram launched a new sticker for Stories that allows users to join a private chat with others who saw the same story.
  • When someone taps the sticker, the original poster is then given the option to accept or reject the request.
  • Once accepted, the user can talk to other individuals who have been accepted in a private chat.
  • This could keep conversation on Instagram instead of moving it to other platforms.
  • Snapchat is reportedly working on something similar.
  • This affects brands in several ways:
    • It can mimic Facebook’s Groups offering in some ways, allowing the great engagement to move from one platform to another.
    • For media brands, it can provide a controlled space to host discussions about content.
    • This change can make influencer marketing even more effective by allowing users to engage with beloved influencers more easily.
    • This shows yet another step in Facebook’s shift towards authenticity and community.

Facebook Adds “Top Fans” Organic Targeting Option

Facebook has added another tool to the arsenal of branded page admins. Find out what this new option means below and read the full story here.


  • Though some Pages have had this option for a while, Facebook has now made it possible for Pages to target their Top Fans.
  • This option will allow brands to foster more conversation and genuine connection with their users.
  • Increased engagement on this exclusive content could push the rest of a brand’s content higher in the algorithm.
  • If Top Fans receive exclusive content, the “Top Fan” moniker can be leveraged as an incentive to get users to engage more.
  • To activate this feature, turn on your “Top Fan” Badge in your Page’s settings.

How to Craft Blog Titles That Increase Traffic

Your content marketing is only as good as your blog titles. Find out how to craft amazing titles in the infographic below, found on Social Media Today.

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