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The TL;DR May 12, 2020

This week we’re discussing lead nurturing tactics, user-generated content in a post-lockdown world, and steps for managing a PR crisis. In case you missed last week’s edition, you can find it here.

7 Amazingly Effective Lead Nurturing Tactics

Implementing a lead nurturing strategy can have a huge impact on the results of your inbound marketing strategy, customer loyalty and retention, and revenue. Here are some tactics to help you and your team implement your own strategy. You can read more on HubSpot.


  1. Leverage targeted content. Understand your buyer personas and create content designed to nurture those personas.
  2. Use multi-channel lead nurturing techniques. This type of lead nurturing most commonly involves a combination of marketing automation, email marketing, social media, paid retargeting, dynamic web content, and direct sales outreach.
  3. Focus on multiple touches. Research suggests that prospects receive an average of 10 marketing touches from the time they are aware of your company to when they become customers.
  4. Follow up with leads in a timely manner. The odds of converting a lead into a sales opportunity are exponentially higher when the lead is contacted immediately following a website conversion.
  5. Send personalized emails. Send triggered emails when a visitor completes an action like clicks on links in your email, downloads your content, or demonstrates high engagement levels.
  6. Use lead scoring tactics. This will help you determine which leads you should focus your time on.
  7. Align your sales and marketing strategies. This will improve your lead nurturing tactics and boost customer retention.

Why User-Generated Content Should Be at the Heart of Marketers’ Post-COVID Playbooks

With the world living online during lockdown, it’s no secret that post-pandemic life will not look like it did pre-COVID. It’s time for marketers to write new plays, specifically ones that are increasingly centered around real, human stories. Find more details on Social Media Today.


  • Authentic user-generated content can be a sustainable, cost-effective, and influential source of content that brands will need to build trust, grow sales, and deepen their relationships with customers.
  • 92% of consumers trust earned media, like UGC, more than any other form of content.
  • 87% of people say that social media posts help them decide what to buy, and 56% say that they rely on reviews to make an informed online purchase decision faster.
  • Marketers can solve that widening gap between content creation and demand by embracing the content their customers are generating, which helps facilitate real, human connection while reducing content costs.

How to Manage a PR or Social Media Crisis in 10 Steps

Given the various sensitivities around the current situation and the fast-moving news cycle, you want to be prepared should you find yourself in the media spotlight for an ill-timed tweet. Map out your response strategy with these key tips on managing a crisis and find more info on Social Media Today.

Infographic on managing a PR or social media crisis in 10 steps.

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