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The TL;DR May 21, 2019

This week we’ll cover how to grow your Facebook following, how to use motion media on social, and share 100+ stats to help you with your social strategy.

5 Simple Ways to Grow Your Facebook Following

In the wake of Facebook’s latest announcements, having a strong following is more important than ever. Here are 5 ways you can improve yours, found on Social Media Today.


  1. Block fake followers: Fake followers don’t engage which ultimately hurts your reach. Considering that Facebook already limits your content to a small percentage of your audience, you don’t want most of the “people" who see it to be bots. If Facebook notes good engagement with your fans, your reach goes up. If it only sees low engagement, it will continue to decline.
  2. Turn off automatic placements: If you’re running ads to get people to like your Facebook page, spending time and money to show them on Instagram won’t help you out – people are far less likely to leave Instagram to follow a Facebook page. Instead, make sure your spend is only allocated to Facebook.
  3. Invite users to like your page: If your page has less than 100,000 likes, you can invite people to like your page after they interact with your content. Take advantage of this option – you’ll be surprised how many accept the invite.
  4. Add a CTA at the end of articles: If you’re really focused on growing your Facebook following, add a CTA at the end of each blog post that invites readers to like your Facebook page for more quality content.
  5. Use your page to tell a different story: If you're posting the same thing on multiple platforms your audience isn’t going to engage with you on multiple platforms. Make sure each platform has a unique perspective and capitalize on this to engage followers across the board.

The Why and How of Using Motion Graphics on Your Social Media

We all know videos are effective on social media, but what about motion graphics? Find out what they are and how to use them below. You can check out the full article here.


  • What they are: Motion graphics include GIFs, slo-mo, time lapse, cinemagraphs, and similar pieces of content.
  • Motion graphics help you in multiple ways:
    • They enhance long-form content: While long-form content is growing in popularity, it can be helpful to break it up with engaging GIFs and graphics. These can liven up the content and provide more context depending on the topic.
    • They increase engagement: GIFs and motion graphics are some of the best performing content on social media. They typically delight and entertain the audience and add personality to the posts you create.
  • There are many types of motion graphics you can use:
    • GIFs: GIFs work great for reactions, memes, and much more. Most of the time GIFs serve a comedic function and can be made on the fly. You can create them in Adobe® programs or using online tools like GIPHY.
    • Cinemagraphs: Cinemagraphs live somewhere in the land between images and video. They involve a still image with one element constantly moving on loop. They are generally high quality and offer great novelty value. Proper use of cinemagraphs can elevate your brand artistically.
    • Time-Lapse: Time-lapse videos can add drama to your content or turn longer videos into shorter, digestible bits. You can either film in time-lapse using certain cameras or film an original video and edit it later.

100+ Stats to Help You Select the Right Social Network

It’s no secret that each social network has a different audience and purpose, but how do you know what’s right for your brand? Check out the cheat sheet below, found on Social Media Today.

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