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The TL;DR October 16th, 2017

This week we're talking about Snapchat's new context cards, marketing to Millennials, and the future of marketing. 

Snapchat Adds Context Cards

Snapchat continues to innovate and improve, working to become the must-have culture app. They recently added context cards to snaps. Read more below and check out the source here.


  • With context cards, users can now swipe up on a snap to see where things are happening and take a variety of other actions.
  • Users can read reviews, book tables, or call an Uber straight from Snapchat now.
  • Context cards don’t appear on ALL snaps – only on ones that have a particular business’ geo-filter or that have been added to the public “Our Story” feed.
  • This means users can see something exciting, swipe up to get a ride, and be there in record time.
  • This marks a significant shift in experience – Snapchat is no longer passive, it’s active.

Marketing to Millennials

Marketing to Millennials is a problem that marketers have been trying to solve for a long time. Here are some quick tips to help you with your Millennial marketing strategy. Read the full article here.


  • They’re a huge audience: Millennials make up 1/4th of the US population and have 21% of the discretionary spending buying power.
  • Authenticity is more important than content: 43% of Millennials value authenticity over content, so make sure that your brand voice feels trustworthy and genuine. Tell real stories in your online presence.
  • Traditional advertising doesn’t work: Millennials typically only respond to content that resonates with them; try to avoid the old fashioned methods of straight selling when communicating with them.
  • UGC is king: Millennials trust what their peers say and enjoy participating in UGC campaigns that match up with their lifestyles. 84% of Millennials say UGC matters when they’re researching something pre-purchase.
  • Reviews & Social Presence Matter: This audience trusts reviews more than advertising, and generally always look them up. They also check out a brand’s social channels to see what fans are saying and see if the brand responds.
  • Stay Relevant: Millennials stay up-to-date. You should too.

What Will Happen to Marketing in 2020

Keeping an eye on where marketing is going can help you stay on top of the curve today. TINT asked several marketing experts where they see it going. Read some predictions below and see the full article here.


  • VR and AR aren’t going away: As virtual reality technology becomes simultaneously more innovative and more affordable, marketers think it will start making a showing in a big way.
  • Targeting (and retargeting) will get even better: Thanks to the IoT, eventually ads will seamlessly blend into your day-to-day life. Someday your fridge might tell you when your about to run out of a ketchup and an ad will pop up for a brand.
  • Ads will become highly personalized: It won’t just be retargeting – they might be personalized with actual data you’ve shared making them more relevant to your life.
  • Experiences will be king, not content: Rather than brands just blasting out a message, people will be able to react to ads and interact with them in real time. Stunts may become more digital, but real, genuine experiences will be more prevalent than broadcast messaging.
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