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Performance. Analytics. Decisions.

The best solutions come from having the best data -- and knowing how to use it. Launch P.A.D. is an innovative suite of analytics solutions to help you reach your goals. Whether you're building a customer relationship program from the ground up or simply trying to understand your audience across all platforms, we're here to help. Our comprehensive offerings will help you turn data into decisions while delivering results.

Strategy is at the foundation of everything we do. We'll take a holistic look at your current state, goals, resources, tools, and more to determine the best path forward. From KPI framework development to machine-learning strategies, we'll help you find and understand the data you need to make decisions.

• Analytics Maturity Model​     • KPI Framework Development​     • Data & Digital Analytics Audit
• Business Case Development​        • A/B + Multivariate Testing

One of the largest marketing struggles today is knowing exactly how well your marketing is truly doing. We'll help you determine ROI, learn where leads are coming from and why, analyze effectiveness by channel, and more. We want to make sure you know what your marketing is doing for your business - and how to make it better.

• Marketing ROI     • Lead and Revenue Attribution     • Mixed-Media Modeling
• Channel + Campaign Performance     • Goal and Target Setting     • Creative + Ad Unit Optimization​

For many brands, the website is truly home base. We'll help you understand who is visiting yours, who is staying, what they're doing, and how you can better serve your audience. From front end UX development to back end analytics implementations, we've got you covered.

• Website Tagging Design and Implementation     • Google Analytics 
• UX Analysis​     • Conversion Analysis​

Customer experience is the foundation of marketing and an integral part of modern business. We'll let you know who you're talking to, who is turning away (and why), and what new audiences might be receptive to your business.

• Customer Segmentation     • Data-Backed Personas & Journey Maps     • Lead Nurture Effectiveness
• Satisfaction and Loyalty Drivers     • Churn Analysis​


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Launch P.A.D. includes everything you need to understand your business, improve your customer experience, drive new business, and plan a path for the future.



Campaign Performance
Customer Journey Analysis
KPI Framework Development
Lead & Revenue Attribution
Marketing Performance Analytics
Website Performance Analysis and Tagging