Always On Branded Content


The Ask

As a leader in brand publishing, Adidas was known for its innovative and engaging content, but it was fragmented across channels and platforms, limiting impact and reach. The brand partnered with DEFINITION 6’s The News Market to help maximize the effectiveness of their branded content, increase global visibility, and improve accessibility for all audiences with a custom branded online newsroom. The implementation of the Adidas News Stream has increased reach to more than 75 countries and improved the effectiveness and lifespan of the brand's content. In the first 2 weeks after launch, the brand saw 13,000 unique visitors and an increased share of voice in traditional, online, and social media.


Always-On Influencer Outreach

DEFINITION 6 took Adidas' innovative content and ran with it, expanding their footprint by centralizing their content in one place and increasing reach to more than 75 countries. Since launch, Adidas has seen more than a 500% increase in downloads from the News Stream and a ten-fold increase in journalist engagement, contributing to Adidas' recognition as a leading brand during the 2014 FIFA World Cup.



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