The Ask

CBS Sports turned to DEFINITION 6 to help create and edit a game open (better known as the “tease” in sports television) that evoked the spirit of the Army/Navy football game, while paying tribute to the men and women who have chosen to attend the US Service Academies throughout American history. 

Collaborating to Create a Powerful Open

D6 collaborated with CBS’ Creative Director on the script, storyboard, music, and ultimately the edit of the tease itself, and with a fixed air time, the piece was a race to the finish.  After working through the night, we delivered the final assets to the CBS Broadcast Center just hours before air.


Our goal was to get audiences engaged in the game and sharing the video online long after the final whistle blew—a goal that was not only reached, but exceeded. D6 delivered a 5-minute version of the open, which served as the main one for social/online purposes and has received an overwhelmingly positive response; a 3:30 version that aired just before kickoff.

(John McCain tweeted it out during the game and Dick Enberg actually wrote to Pete Radovich to offer his praise.)

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