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Cartoon Network came to us with an idea to promote Sony’s upcoming tent pole film, Men in Black: International using 11 sharply dressed kids, a tiny animated alien and two A-list superstars: Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson.To ensure we covered all our bases, we shot two scripts and two different set ups because we weren’t sure if we’d get the footage of our A-listers. Spoiler alert: they made the cut.

It was a challenge but our team was up to the task.

Agent KIB, the leader of the Kids In Black addressed the incoming Rookie class, preparing them for a pep talk from Chris and Tessa. The Stars tossed to their sidekick, Pawny, the tiny animated alien, for their mission brief. Pawny’s main animations arrived a day before launch…just in time. With the help of Joe Chapura as Director, we crafted a spot that brought all of these elements together.

Sony loved the spot so much (“YAAAY! THE SPOT TURNED OUT SOOO CUTE!!“) that they ran it during some of their paid advertisement time, which is rare for co-promotions. They also included the spot on VOD and requested a special YouTube version with an intro and outro from Chris and Tessa, directed specifically to Cartoon Network Fans.

DEFINITION 6 are the perfect partners. With each interaction, they ask smart questions and offer thoughtful solutions to produce and execute the best creative possible. This MIB spot had more moving parts and stakeholders than the majority of Cartoon Network projects. D6 never flinched, even when key assets were severely delayed. They handled everything with care, kindness and precision. Looking forward to the next one! Charles BarbourSr. Writer/ProducerCartoon Network Sponsorships



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