“A Peyton Manning Production"

The Ask

Super Bowl airtime is legendary in this industry. Six months out, CBS Creative Director (and our long-time partner), Pete Radovich, Jr., came to us with a straightforward idea — create a true sequel to their 2018 AFC tease. Sure, this one had to be Lombardi-worthy; and it got bigger from there. Said Radovich, "We're going to bring Malkovich back … and we're going to shoot in the Roman Colosseum.”

The week of the big game was one for the playbook. CBS had teamed up with Peyton Manning for added star power, and we had two days to film the lead talent in scenes set nearly 9,000 miles apart. A hotel conference room in Denver, Colorado was set-dressed with Emmy awards, CBS swag, and local talent. A separate team ran interference for tourists walking through shots in Rome, Italy. From mining the comedic gold of Manning’s improv skills to chasing the golden hour with John Malkovich front and center, the production was set, shot, and wrapped in 36 hours.

With five days until kickoff, our team began editing in NYC. On Thursday we refined the cut and reviewed with the client on Friday night. Our editing team took the redeye to Atlanta and cut all the way through Saturday night, building in even more improv moments. Sunday at 2 a.m. the picture was locked — and at 6 p.m. “A Peyton Manning Production” opened Super Bowl LIII to 117M viewers.


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