"The Home Team" NCAA Feature

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The 2019 NCAA basketball tournament was full of twists, upsets and misplaced bets. CBS Sports wanted to amplify that pregame excitement with an on-air feature to drive tune-in for the Final Four games. The concept was there. The crews were ready to roll ... and there was just one major challenge — in single elimination, we had no idea which four teams would face off for the national championship, and therefore no idea where in the country to send CBS camera crews.

Then, with just six days until air, we had our winners: Auburn, Texas Tech, UVA, and Michigan State. Four camera crews, four states, and three days later we had over 50 hours of man-on-the-street footage. With just 72 hours to go, our team edited, mixed and finished a feature that foretold of triumph, united generations of alumni, and unlocked a hometown pride so strong it moved one fan to break into song.

The client loved it. So much so, with less than 24 hours until airtime, it was decided that large portions of the original cut would be used as the tease to Final Four itself! Our team pulled an all-nighter to re-edit, re-mix and deliver a second feature that rallied fanatics from the Big 12 to the Atlantic Coast Conference. Brimming with "cut that net" attitude and the heartfelt hopes of thousands of fans, “The Home Team" feature aired to 20 million viewers with no second to spare.


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