Stunt Experience Delivers Happiness


The Ask

Coca-Cola knew it had a great asset in its strong social following but didn’t know how to leverage that community. DEFINITION 6 was tasked with creating contagious content using no media support and relying solely on viral distribution. We developed the “Happiness Machine,” a concept designed to highlight the genuine delight that Coke can bring to consumers by delivering small “doses of happiness” through relatively mundane activities.


Viral Doses of Happiness

DEFINITION 6 planned and delivered promotional executions within Coke’s owned digital media platforms, including websites, e-mails, internal communications, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. We also leveraged earned coverage with mass distribution and media outreach generating a massive response, including Mashable’s most liked article ever, YouTube’s top 25 chart, and Yahoo’s number 1 video.

The “Where Will Happiness Strike Next?” campaign extended the success of the original “Happiness Machine” video globally and a new video was created – “The Happiness Truck” – to take the concept on the road in Brazil.



More Work