Developing a Bot for Business



The Ask

The meteoric rise of messaging as a primary form of communication is a global phenomenon. Messaging apps have rapidly evolved from simple chat tools into robust platforms, expanding messaging beyond social conversations to include business interactions like customer service, instruction, and ecommerce. With both Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp in its toolkit, Facebook is driving bot adoption by businesses. 

To better understand how and why people message, Facebook’s insights unit commissioned Nielsen to research messaging across 14 markets and five continents. The results showed that people are not only messaging more, they increasingly prefer messaging for all types of communications. Facebook IQ partnered with DEFINITION 6 to promote the research and the Messenger bot platform to businesses.


The Approach

DEFINITION 6 built a bot designed to showcase how people are using Messenger to communicate with businesses and each other. We developed a decision tree that determines what content is delivered in Messenger based on cues indicated by a user’s choices and responses. Messages include text, images, emojis, and video in a tone that feels personalized and human-like. We built in custom analytics for every event within the bot to inform refinement and expansion.

We scripted, produced and edited a series of 8 videos to promote and share as content within the bot. Informed by the Nielsen report, the videos feature a variety of Messenger users talking about the value and impact of messaging in their lives.


The Results

We launched the bot in January for its public premiere in a live presentation at a Facebook IQ event. Attendees were able to use the Messenger bot throughout the event to retrieve presentation schedules, speaker bios, and other exclusive content. The videos and bot are featured in Facebook IQ’s marketing communications for Messenger Bots.


More Work