Goza Tequila

Goza Tequila Gets a Facelift

The Ask

Goza Tequila first hit the shelves in 2015 with one goal in mind, “Take the intimidation out of tequila.” Built on the promises of quality, inclusivity, and authenticity, the brand took a stand to shake up the notoriously crowded spirits market. As their start-up tactics gained more and more traction, the company decided to elevate their look. In 2019, as one of the top design agencies in Atlanta, they tasked us to redesign the core of their brand — the bottles. Charged with creative curiosity and an opportunity to shift the market position of a long-standing novelty spirit, our team got to work, with our focus being on strategic marketing.

Three designers competed and delivered numerous creative themes that could be used cohesively across packaging, collateral, and marketing. Portraying the idea that Goza Tequila is the spirit you pull for any occasion, the final bottle designs featured La Calavera Catrina-style (elegant skull) skeletons in different celebration scenes.

Focused on the Spanish translation of the word goza, “enjoy,” each tequila (blanco, reposado, añejo) has its own design inspired by the woodcut illustrations of José Guadalupe Posada, Mexico’s father of graphic art. The Goza friends dance, talk and drink their way through a concert, a night club, and a dinner party. Further exploring the hospitality of Mexican culture, DEFINITION 6 also created “Guillermo”, the friend who always knows how to have a good time. Used from cap bands to collateral, Guillermo represents the good times, memories, and drinks he shares with Goza’s customers—reaching both hands out to welcome new guests.

Within 90 days (including cross-border press checks), DEFINITION 6 delivered three new bottle designs along with an iconic character to be used for integrated marketing. Due to a strong relationship with our clients, and a detailed understanding of their business, DEFINITION 6 developed the brand’s look and created a story that erased the air of exclusivity often associated with super-premium tequila.


three bright images of illustrations
Three bottles of Goza Tequila
Two images of a silver end cap featuring Goza Tequila
A wooden end cap of Goza Tequila



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