Second Screens Go Spoiler-Free


The Ask

To support the launch of Game of Thrones Season 4, HBO engaged DEFINITION 6 to build a digital experience that would extend the action from television screen to second screen through a robust, fully customized content management system. The Game of Thrones Viewer’s Guide is an interactive companion piece and a fantastic example of a multi-media narrative. By featuring exclusive video content combined with HBO’s creative, digital storytelling through bios, maps, and recaps, it offers users a truly innovative way to better understand and engage with the show’s complex story.



Compelling and Complex Custom CMS

While brand-new content appeals to most fans, many users are behind an episode or two. It was critical to HBO that the Viewer’s Guide be designed as a spoiler-free experience with episodic filtering customized to each user’s point in time in the show. This advanced smart filtering includes contextual content based on maps, houses, and character details, and combined with the creative content curated by the HBO team, keeps the digital experience fluid and optimized as a user moves through the chronology of the show.

The custom CMS we built supports an experience that feels uniquely designed for each device, allowing fans to lose themselves in reliving the story. It was imperative that the new Viewer’s Guide be fully responsive across desktop, tablet, and mobile platforms and have full HTML5 video support. The site has advanced regional and language recognition technology enabled, so that the CMS will be able to serve up different pieces of content based on a user’s location. To enable sharing, content can be promoted from within the site, and social integration was a priority.



The Results


Visits in Season 4


Increase in Average Weekly Visits from Season 3


Increase in Repeat Visitors

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