Fans Become Part of the Story



The Ask

With the Season 4 premiere of the HBO's hit series fast approaching, HBO turned to DEFINITION 6 to help create an experience that would reward loyal fans while attracting new viewers. Being fans ourselves, we quickly sank our teeth into creating the “Immortalize Yourself” Facebook app, giving "Truebies"  the chance to watch an exclusive interactive video starring themselves, their flesh-and-blood friends, and their favorite characters from the show.


Creating Bloody Good Interactive Content

Show creators crafted an original script, and the cast and crew filmed scenes with placeholders and tracking points for personalized pieces. We then edited the footage to bring fan assets into the story, pulling data for typical users that included profile pictures, names, and location data on their hometowns.

Our creative and motion design teams then applied effects to the assets to make them appear natural when overlaid in motion. Scripting the effects allowed them to be automatically generated in real time for each user. The final product is an off-the-charts True Blood fan experience worthy of HBO's creative pedigree.


The Results


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