Kelley Blue Book V/ANR

Kelley Blue Book has been one of the most trusted names in the auto industry since 1926. In September 2018, the company wanted to release a consumer-friendly version of “Evolution of Mobility”, its deep research on autonomous driving vehicles. With a short turn-around, our team got to work building a visually-assisted audio news release that garnered over 11 million broadcast impressions.

Built into morning show lineups across the US, DEFINITION 6 delivered a facts-focused segment and distributed it over our network of online TV stations to educate viewers on autonomous driving technology. With tightly crafted research and consumer-focused visuals, the “Evolution of Mobility” V/ANR won two Telly Awards. It received SILVER for the Social Video Craft Editing category; and BRONZE for the Social Video Craft Motion Graphics category.


The Results

11 M

U.S. impressions


Telly Awards

5 yrs

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