Creating Kid-Friendly Design



The Setup

NBCUniversal came to DEFINITION 6 seeking a highly engaging, action-oriented, kid-friendly digital hub for the launch of a new animated show on Sprout. The series, from NBCUniversal’s destination for preschool programming, features 9-year-old Kody Kapow – a young boy who learns he’s next in line to become Village Defender while visiting his family’s village in China.

The focused experience website introduces daily audiences to content that consistently surprises, delights, educates, and entertains. It includes original programming, games, training videos, and activities. And, the Kody Kapow site will serve as the experiential template for all shows moving forward on Sproutonline.com.    

The Work

Collaborative brainstorming and UX testing with the target audience helped the DEFINITION 6 team work through the requirements of this project. By utilizing full page videos, energetic animations, and interactive elements, we created a page that will increase show awareness, extend our reach and generate excitement for the series. It will also serve as a centralized hub housing rich, easily updateable content such as interactive video, games and activities encouraging time spent on site and repeat visits.

Thanks to this holistic approach, the team came up with a wholly interactive, easy-to-enjoy experience that can be easily templated and leveraged to promote children’s shows across Sproutonline.com.

The Results


Unique Visitors in the First 2 Months


Unique Visitors of Next Closest Show Page


Of Highest Traffic On Sproutonline.com for Post Page Launch

More Work