Social Takes Fans Behind the Scenes


The Ask

Lifetime needed a site that was “super social” to promote the launch of its new show, UnREAL, a provocative series following the behind-the-scenes drama of producing a fictional Bachelor-style dating show. Because the show has a much edgier, darker tone than typical Lifetime shows, it was important that this “edginess” come across in the digital experience.

DEFINITION 6 designed and built the “Social Hookup” microsite, where users can consume and share photos, Instagrams, Vines, and memes as they learn about all the characters from the show. Everything on the site needed to be easily shareable, so we built the site to be a fully responsive destination hub that also features a social aggregator to pull in and feature user-generated content responding to Lifetime’s unique hashtag and outreach. For the season’s duration, we supported the team with weekly content updates to the sites and meme creation.



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