Immersive Retail With Nickelodeon



The Ask

For the opening of its first destination store, Nickelodeon chose London’s Leicester Square, one of the most prominent locations in the world and the site of the highest volume of foot traffic in Europe. The global flagship needed to be more than just a retail outlet for show merchandise, it needed to be an immersive customer-centric experience that could articulate through a physical space what the Nickelodeon brand is all about. Creating that level of connection required a deep understanding of the brand and its multiple generations of fans, an understanding the DEFINITION 6 team has cultivated over several decades and across the breadth of our entertainment services.


Sparking an Emotional Connection

The team first architected, then designed, built, and installed a retail experience that works harmoniously with the physical and digital elements in and outside of the store. We used the store’s expansive multi-level video screens to surround visitors in interactive, carefully orchestrated content. Our work extends across 8 projections and 40 LCD monitors within the two-story store and on 24 monitors and over 100 feet of video image on the exterior. Virtual reality, augmented reality, a jukebox housing all the Nick games, and social activations throughout combine with video content to create an impactful and memorable experience that immerses customers in the Nickelodeon world.



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