The Slimiest Showdown of the Summer


The Ask

DEFINITION 6 has partnered with Nickelodeon for the past decade on their annual Kids’ Choice Awards show, and continued that relationship with the launch of the Kids’ Choice Sports Awards in 2014. This year, Nickelodeon sought out a high-energy music track for their Kids’ Choice Sports 2017 anthem. They secured the rights to Pitbull’s song "Green Light" renaming it "Green Slime" to fit perfectly with their brand and image. DEFINITION 6 handled the production and creation of the new arrangement and remix, creating demos of many different versions of the track as working proofs of concept.

Ultimately, Nickelodeon decided to feature star talent from their own hit shows along with sports icons as the performers for the custom song and music video. The entire shoot concept was based around the idea of a "dance party in the locker room." The editorial challenge was mixing this custom shoot footage with past years' show footage, and we found that the solution was placing the show footage at key moments while keeping the edit fun to match the overall vibe of the event. Since most of the Nickelodeon show production is based in Los Angeles, vocal sessions for the song were produced live via remote patch and the recorded files were shared by digital delivery so that DEFINITION 6 could begin the lengthy process of creating a seamless and dynamic vocal performance. With the editorial team and music production team working simultaneously, we created a full-length music track used for the “Green Slime” Kids' Choice Sports Anthem music video, along with cut-downs of varying length to be used for promos, bumpers, cross-channel buys, social tie-ins, etc.

DEFINITION 6 oversaw all editorial, sound design and final mix for the entire On-Air Kids’ Choice Sports project. The campaign included spots with third-time host, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, along with Olympic gold medalists Simon Biles and Laurie Hernandez. The volume of content needed for an awards show of this magnitude and visibility is massive, and it’s one that Nickelodeon has consistently partnered with DEFINITION 6 to tackle.

This summer’s Kids’ Choice Sports Awards show is sure to be a hit.


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