The Ask

Ed Kemper, known as the co-ed killer, murdered and dismembered 10 people — including his mother. Oxygen asked DEFINITION 6 for a trailer that depicted the insane mind of this serial killer without being salacious. The challenge: a quick turnaround, only 5 minutes of interview footage from the 1980s, and zero b-roll from the show. Our approach: let the sound design do the work.

Kemper's monotone way of speaking was dry and methodical (as if talking about running everyday errands) so the sound design needed to articulate the chaos and horror of his actual crimes. We pulled from Oxygen’s library of limited generic shoot footage to illustrate the crimes he described. The building percussive track coupled with interruptive, jarring sound effects created a tense and unsettling piece, perfect for making your skin crawl.  



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