Mobility at CES | Experiential

Siemens Mobility tasked DEFINITION 6 with filming a compelling video about Seamless Mobility, featuring Siemens-built rolling stock and Siemens-developed transit system apps in action during everyday life.  This involved complex shoots in two cities – San Francisco and Seattle – with locally contracted actors and featuring spectacular local commuting scenes. Locations included shoots on ferries in Seattle and the iconic cable cars in San Francisco. 

This was a collaborative global effort with direction provided by agencies in Germany and with additional story-boarding and guidance provided by our team in the U.S. that successfully amplified and brought their existing outline to life.  The final product was featured on innovative vertical monitors, the effect of which was visually compelling – providing a unique focal point for Siemens, who wanted to make a strong impression in their first appearance at CES in Las Vegas.  

And it did.  This video was beautifully showcased at CES, introducing Siemens to new audiences and helping promote their image to a whole new audience -- as a leader in today’s leading mobility technologies. 



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