The Ask

Syfy is well-aware of the power of fandoms and wanted to celebrate their passion and knowledge by creating a campaign where familiar faces debated hot button sci-fi and pop culture topics, in true fan form. DEFINITION 6 produced, edited, mixed and sound designed all nine spots.

Friendly Fandom Debates

Syfy tapped pop culture connoisseur Orlando Jones (Sleepy Hollow, Cirque du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant) and nerd queen Felicia Day (The Magicians, Supernatural, Mystery Science Theater 3000) to star in the spots, with rising star Milana Vayntrub directing. Once the network wrote and filmed the promos, which featured the duo debating a range of important sci-fi/fantasy topics, DEFINITION 6 was brought in to handle post-production.

Sorting through the footage was a collaborative effort with Vayntrub, who is currently who is currently known for her AT&T television commercial appearances. After the footage was thoroughly reviewed and organized, the project was handed over to us for editing and finalization, with the result being a series of 9 fan-tastic promos.



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