Fantasy Gets Real for The Magicians


The Ask

Listen up witches! The Magicians may be no fantasy but these spots are pure magic. The sights and sounds of Fillory come to life in new and surprising ways along with killer audio that would knock Harry Potter off his broomstick.


Magic is Made

Let’s spell it all out. The quest began when DEF6 was asked to create two unique launch trailers for season 2 of the series. They needed to be tailored to very specific audiences: the science-fiction/fantasy community (aka the Quentins of the world) and the young adult community (you know, the shippers). We whipped out our spell book and ended up writing, producing, editing and mixing two spots, “No Fantasy” and “No Escape”. DEF6 had a few more tricks up our sleeves, creating the supertease that aired during the season 2 premiere. You know, the long trailer that gets fans hyped for what’s to come.

Between seasons 2 and 3, the High Kings and Queens at Syfy asked us to create an original longform reel that would recap the series for new fans. The reel debuted at Chris Hardwick’s ID10T Festival and was repurposed to be shown at San Diego Comic Con 2017.

During season 3, Syfy sent us on another creative voyage, asking us to concept and write an original shoot spot for the premiere. Through months of collaborating with Syfy and AND COMPANY, who handled the design, the dark and moody “Aboard The Muntjac” set sail on all platforms.

We were also tasked once again to create season 3’s supertease, which blew up on social, becoming an instant trending topic, thanks to #QuestingBitchFace.

As this story continues, we’re excited to see what other epic quests and collaborations The Magicians will bring our way.




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