Twilight Zone New Year’s Marathon


The Ask

Syfy wanted to bring something different to their celebrated annual Twilight Zone New Year’s Marathon. They tasked DEFINITION 6 to help think of creative ways to get a new generation excited about the classic series, under the modern lens.

Spearheading Change in the World of the Strange

The Twilight Zone has served as inspiration for many of today’s popular shows, such as Black Mirror, that revolve around the strange, unexplainable, and supernatural. While brainstorming with the folks at Syfy, it became apparent that the climate of the world around us is eerily similar to the unusual happenings that permeate throughout each episode of the show. Based on that theme, we created an original musical image piece calling out the parallels between the iconic series and the real world. Everything from politics to social cues were brought to the forefront.

In addition to the ideation and creation of the piece, we also wrote, produced, edited, and mixed a variety of creative tune-in and packaging, from :10 IDs to episode intros that were teased in 6 words. The result gave viewers familiar content in a fresh, new way that felt topical and current.




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