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In 2018 The Wizarding World found a new home on SYFY & USA — and the networks wanted to breathe new life into the franchise. Building to a simulcast premiere that July, we were tasked with modernizing the franchise for a new generation, and reigniting the excitement for lifelong fans.

First, we created two trailers: an emotional, epic trailer celebrating Harry’s new home, and a fan-driven spot that showcased the emotional connections of loyal believers; as well as over 45 pieces of interstitial content for the first Harry Potter Wizarding Weekend. By tapping some of the most popular characters and moments of the series, while weaving in behind-the-scenes footage and interview clips, we created a fresh take on the Potter series that drove 80% of tune-ins for 2018.

Nearly 30 more pieces of interstitial and tune-in content were created in the five remaining months. From remixing Ronald Weasley to spotlighting the heroines, the Harry Potter franchise again led both networks to record-setting tune-ins for subsequent marathons including Dark Arts Sundays (October 2018) and the Harry Potter Christmas Marathon (December 2018). In 2019, we’ve continued conjuring magic for multiple magical milestones such as the broadcast network premiere of Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them. When given the goal of making viewers take a new look at these magical classics, we simply said, “Mischief managed!”


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