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Who We Are

These days, people engage with brands differently. People are Brands; Brands are People. We know that, and we're here to give you ideas and solutions that work. 

Whether we are connecting an avid fan to their favorite team with a short film designed to excite and delight, or building out a complex enterprise level multi-site digital experience, D6 follows this mantra.

Navigating the right way to connect to a consumer, crafting the right message and touchpoints to reach them in a meaningful way, using data driven insights to execute the most impactful tactics, and then consistently analyzing and refining is how we approach every challenge regardless of type of work or scale of the project.

Our Values

  • Quality: We believe in seeking the highest quality of people, ideas, outputs, and outcomes.
  • Transformation: We turn clients into heroes; our success is only as strong as yours.
  • Curiosity: We work in a rigorous and perpetual state of discovery. 
  • Agility: We stay nimble to remain responsive to technology, trends, and testing. 

Our Services

Strategy: Brand and Digital: D6 starts most engagements with a deep dive into strategy in order to flesh out objectives and assess current state vs. future desired state. Strategy grounds all the work we do.

Content Creation: From concept to completion, The D6 team can handle any size project. Services include ideation, live action production, editing, sound mixing, motion design, VO record and original music. 

Experience and Creative Design: From brand identity to copywriting to interactive design and campaign development, D6 creative minds bring client ideas to life. 

Analytics and Insight: D6 dives into customer analysis, marketing program analysis, reporting and KPI dashboards and SEO/SEM to ensure that all systems are running as effectively as possible.

Technology Solutions: D6 handles Marketing Technology Automation, Web / Application / E-Commerce development and Custom Integration alongside Cloud Hosting and Managed Services. 

PR Services: Not only does D6 get the best bookings delivering the best broadcast results, but we also provide related digital offerings requiring no extra effort for the Customer.

If you would like more detail about what we do, please visit our Services page. 

Our Approach

  1. Customer First: There is no singular customer journey. We should consider all touch points and all possible outcomes of those touch points. 
  2. Cohesive Strategy Journey-Wide: We determine where we can most effectively drive conversion through personalization.
  3. Creative + Digital: We're inspired by creative, driven by data, and optimized through technology. 

If you would like to start a conversation with us, please visit our Contact Us page.


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