PSA for Suicide Prevention

The "No Veteran Left Behind" campaign raises awareness of Veteran suicide and how the community can #BeThere for Veterans and service members, voiced by actor and filmmaker Tom Hanks. This PSA was produced by The Department of Veterans Affairs, sponsored by Johnson & Johnson and released to TV stations nationwide by DEFINITION 6 on behalf of Zeno Group in time for Veteran’s Day last year.

An average of 20 U.S. veterans die every day from suicide. Suicide is preventable through connectivity and community support, and this PSA is intended to mobilize the nation to play our part in ensuring that we leave no veteran behind, on the battle field or in life after service. Sometimes all it takes is a simple action to reach out and connect with a veteran who may be in crisis. 

DEFINITION 6 distributed via direct digital delivery to station traffic departments and then followed up with dedicated pitching efforts throughout the first two weeks of November around the Veteran’s Day holiday. The segments reached over 40 million impressions with upwards of 15k airings in the 6 months we monitored performance, and continue to air. Our team was honored to be a part of distributing this important message out to Americans.


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